Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Placement Pending....

If you click here you will see that our adoption status has changed!! :) We have been so blessed this past month to grow in a relationship with two birthparents who have chosen us to raise their son (due June 7th)!! Warren and I recieved a call from our caseworker on March 25th telling us the news and we were able to meet the birthparents and the birthmother's parents two weeks later. Since the initial meeting, Warren and I have spent time on two seperate occasions at the birthmother's house with her family, the birthfather, and the birthfather's dad. While I can't say much right now in this venue...what I can verbalize is how much we adore the birthparents! They are the most precious, adorable, sweet, Christian, young couple...and we are blessed to be on this journey with them!

As the birthmother and I have emailed back and forth almost every day for the past month, I feel I have gotten to know her extremely well...I truly respect and admire her courage and love for this baby boy. Warren and I look forward to having an open adoption with them. She has verbalized several times that she just wants what is best for the baby, even if that involves him never knowing who she is. However, she is just the kind of person I would want our child to be around--a beautiful, young woman who loves the Lord.

Last weekend, when we got to her house, she and her mother had purchased and wrapped several gifts for the baby...they had me open them and then sent the items home with us...such a sweet and beautiful gesture!...

We are so thankful for what God has been doing in our lives and for giving us the opportunity to know this amazing couple. We feel a peace about moving forward on this journey--and we are excited about the possibility of this being the child God has for us to love...While the fear of another dissapointment still looms in the back of my mind, Warren and I realized a few weeks ago that we have to go into this wholehearteldy--we have to take a step of faith...trusting that the God who carried us through two dissapointments earlier this year will do the same if heartache should face us again.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement along this path He has called us to...Even in spite of the difficulties we have faced in our journey to grow our family, we wouldn't change a thing! We are thankful, blessed, and are clinging to Eph. 3:20 and Phil. 1:6.