Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eight weeks before delivery & Baker's birth...

I've been debating on how to tell the story of our getting to know the birthparents, our time at the hospital, and the events that took place after delivery for the past few days. I have debated on what is too much, or not enough, to share. There have been so many people that have followed our journey (some we know personally, others only through technology) and have prayed for us fervently along the way. That being said, this story deserves to be told. It is a story of God's faithfulness and of His provision of our (almost) three year desire and longing to grow our family.

We live approximately three and a half hours from the birthmother's house and drove there almost every or every other weekend (for eight weeks) until his birth. God allowed us to develop an especially strong bond with the birthmother and her well as with the birthfather. We ate, played games, told stories, laughed, watched random videos on youtube...and, oddly enough, there wasn't much talk of Baker during our visits. Granted, there were those special moments where I was able to feel him kick inside her belly and we discussed her wanting us to be at the hospital as soon as she went into labor...but, other than that the conversation was always centered around the birthparents, their families, and us. We began to adore this amazing birthmother, birthfather, and her parents. More and more confirmation was given even single time we met, and through every email we shared, that this was God's plan. Because of this (and due to how cautious we had become based upon our past experiences), Warren and I finally allowed ourselves to feel the excitement...and to prepare for the sweet life that would oon enter our home.

...that excitement, however, was crushed four days before Baker's birth. To make a long story short, our birthfather's mother (who lives out of state) expressed her disapproval of the adoption plan and requested the baby go to her sister. Understandably, our young birthfather became confused and was torn between the choice he had made with certainty and winning his mother's approval. I couldn't eat...couldn't sleep...and was overcome with fear---I had flashbacks of our first failed adoption and began to think, "It's happening again." (Of note, our birthmother never wavered in her decision and both she and her parents continued to reassure Warren and I during this time). I was also incredibly saddened for the position our birthfather fournd heart ached for him during that time. He was confused...I believe he was being attacked. However, due to the answered prayers of many, the day Baker was born the dust settled, confusion was lifted, and our birthfather had a peace about continuing on with the adoption plan.

At 11:45AM on June 6th, 2011 our birthmother called me to tell me she had just left the doctor's office and was headed to the hospital to begin her induction!! Warren and I quickly packed our bags and began the three and a half hour journey. Labor was long....though the induction began in the early evening, our little man did not enter the world until that next morning. We stayed in the hospital lobby all night--not wanting to miss anything--and would sporadically go in our birthmother's room to check on her. She is such a strong young woman...and had the most positive attitude during this process. We were not able to be in the room during delivery, but since Baker was born "sunny side up" he had a little fluid on his lungs and had to go to the transitional nursery for several hours after his birth...our birthmother requested we accompany him there. What a precious three hours this was! We were able to hold him, feed him, and help him get his first bath...the nurses in the transitional unit (having known we were his adoptive parents) were so incredibly kind...they helped make us comfortable and offered to take several pictures.

The first time we laid eyes on our sweet miracle...

In the transitional nursery...the first few hours of his life...

Looking at those pictures again brings back such sweet memories. We were completely sleep deprived and had been in the same clothes for 24hrs (I know--gross!)...but, that moment, nothing mattered more than looking at and holding our precious son. I am so thankful for the gift God gave us!

After Baker was cleared to leave the transitional nursery, we were able to walk him down to the maternity ward where our birthmother had already transitioned to her room. And, excluding the events surrounding our birthfather's mother, the situation became extremely difficult for the first time... be continued...(--sorry--this would be one gigantic post if I tried to fit it all in) :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our little blessing...

...has made it home!!! For several reasons, I have not had the freedom to update on our adoption journey. I plan on "backtracking" in order to chronicle the events of the past two months...leading to our precious little gift...Baker Tyler-Neil...

Baker came into our home two days after he was born. We are loving every minute spent with our little man! Every tear shed, every question raised, every disappointment is now completely worth it as we gaze at his sweet face. We feel completely blessed that God called us on this journey of adoption...we know Baker was always meant to be in our family!

How did we come up with his l-o-n-g name, you ask?! :) Well, Baker is a family name on Warren's side, Tyler is a name the birthparent's chose, and Neil is a name on my family's side. Learning to use that hyphen in Kindergarten might be difficult for our little Baker--but, I love the symbolism of all of the names. After all, he IS a part of Warren's family, my family, and the birth family.

This week our little guy celebrates his one month birthday! :)...Time has already flown!

I look forward to documenting (in between Baker's naps) these past two difficult, yet extremely amazing, months. Until then, we will continue praising God...from whom all blessings flow!