Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am so excited to be able to host a giveaway for familetime...

familetime is designed to enable families to privately and securely share information today, while creating a web-based family scrapbook for years to come. Since we live hours away from both of our parents, Warren and I rely heavily on the internet to share pictures and  updates on our little blessing. With familetime we are able to do that in a secure format that enables us to share more than enables us to blog, send announcements, have a message board, post our calendar, etc. On top of that, it is private and secure--only family members and friends you add will have access to this information. 

I'm thankful our family can stay updated with us on our blog....but, lets just be an adoptive mother, and because the "blog world" is so very public, there are only so many things I can post and talk about. To me, familetime is the perfect avenue to share important moments, pictures, and events that I don't feel free to upload on my blog. 

Their tagline is "Connecting Families, Collecting Memories" ...and they are willing to give away an annual premium subscription to familetime. All you need to do is reply to this post and share how you think you might use familetime to connect your family and collect your memories. I will draw for the winner Sunday night and then will reveal on Monday. 

Good luck!


  1. I would love a subscription to familetime!!!! Since we're getting ready to have our first child, this would be the perfect way to help our family members stay up to date on our son's milestones!

  2. I would love a subscription to faimlytime so that I can share our children's photos, milestones and funny videos with their birth parents!

  3. Wow~ that sounds really neat! I would love to win and share pictures and memories with our family!