Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello blog world...

I'm not really sure what I have gotten myself into...but, here goes the first of (hopefully) many entries into our adoption journey. We feel slightly like we are walking through the dark right now...but I hope this blog will clearly show the path God is taking us and will be an encouragement to others. We have so many questions and are thankful to know the One that holds the answers!

So...we invite you on our we wait for our child to love...


  1. And your family is standing right behind you and God as He walks you thru this journey. We do know He holds the answers as we patiently wait on the pieces to fall into place.

    I love the look of the blog so I am excited to see how this is going to inspire you as you journal and inspire the rest of us reading to stay close to the Creator.

    We love you both and am excited to see what child God will bring into your lives...and into our lives! HugsNkisses Momma

  2. Hi Jill -- just saw this, and wanted to let you know I'll be following your story and praying for you along the way.