Monday, December 13, 2010


...of the past few weeks. Whew...I feel exhausted. I can't believe it's been this long between updates...We, like most everyone else, have had so much going on...So many good things, but yet still so much!! Before I update on our travels and the precious time we've had with friends and family over the past few weeks, I MUST give an adoption update:

*First of all, many of you know how stressed I initially was about the financial hurdle of our adoption. However, eventually, God gave us an overwhelming peace and reminded me that he is Our Provider... friends, let me tell you, God has been just that to us! Through the generosity of those who have felt led to give, the yard sale, and what we have saved (with the help of using the Dave Ramsey cash system), we have raised 2/3 of our three and a half months! Only God could do this! We are truly grateful to be on this journey...and humbled to see God at work (despite our lack of faith).

*Second of all...we have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks working on our online adoption training...six classes, twelve credit hours, and a few hundred dollars later we have FINISHED!

*Third...last Tuesday we drove to Columbus to meet with our caseworker from Bethany Christian Services for our individual interviews (part of the home study process). They were about one hour apiece and were pretty painless ;) Warren, of course, made the caseworker laugh through the whole interview :)

*and, Finally we are scheduled (fingers crossed) to have our home evaluation Monday December 20th!! After that, I believe our caseworker has one month to write our complete home study and then we should be approved and ready to be viewed by potential birth mothers!

So, it's pretty safe to say we have been focused on the adoption process lately! In all the stress of getting documents and paperwork together, answering questions, and making financial plans... we have a peace. It is such a good feeling to rest in God's plan. I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but I know God has the right child (or children) to place in our home at His perfect time. And, after all of our paperwork is complete...we will wait...

In between our adoption work (aka...our second jobs) :) We have had precious time with family and friends over the past few weeks...

Before and during the Thanksgiving holidays, we were able to spend time with two of our most precious friends, Logan and Cici...Oh, how I wished we lived closer!! Love these two and their beautiful daughter!...

We were able to spend several days with Warren's parents in Tennessee (and I was out-shopped by Shara...once again...on black Friday) :) I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws!...

(Warren and his mom) :)

...And, of course we had to stay in Knoxville and watch UT beat UK for the 26th consecutive time...

Upon returning home, we decorated for Christmas...

(might I add that it was WARREN'S idea to put the ornaments in the wire tree shown above...I was impresed!) :)

I honed my inner "Suzy Homemaker" and went to a wreath making class with my sweet friend Allison

(I made this!!!)

Amongst having dinner with new friends and a few other Christmas parties, I was able to watch my nieces Christmas program ...

Can I just say how much it blessed my heart to see my newest little niece (EllaGrace) sing Christmas songs on stage...knowing that nine months ago she was living in an orphanage in Ethiopia...and, now, here she is healthy, happy, and singing praises to Jesus surrounded by a family that loves her so very much. It brings tears to my eyes!

I hope this season is a time we are all able to remember the blessings we have...and the joy and hope we have available to us in Christ!

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." John 1:16


  1. And I know I say this tons but my heart is filled to overjoyed at what God is doing thru you and Warren. Can't wait to hug on you both real soon! Can't wait to hold our newest grandchild(1 or more is great) one day soon!

    Keep the faith, walk in His word, share His love! Momna

  2. You are moving right along! It's so awesome to see how God will work all of the "details" out for us. Love the pictures; looks like you guys had fun!