Tuesday, December 14, 2010


...is what I glean from these ladies every Tuesday morning...

(Tuesday morning group during a retreat at Mrs. Carren's)

...The crazy thing is, they all have something in common that I do not yet share...they are mothers (and all amazing stay-at-home mothers, at that)...yet, I do not feel out of place in this group of women who are pursuing the Lord... and fervently learning how to raise godly families. Yes, I am the only one that does not have children, who works full-time outside of the home, and who does not have to change multiple poopie diapers during the course of one day...but, I walk away every week inspired by these women. Each one of them spur me on to be a more selfless wife and encourage me to think about issues in child-rearing that I likely would have never considered. Without even knowing it, they encourage me to pursue God more, and to be a better person. I love each of you, girls! God has used you in ways I'm sure I do not even realize at this point. Sometimes I wonder if He allowed me to come into the group at just the right time...so I could be encouraged and reminded to be sensitive to His leading...and therefore hear His call on our lives to adopt...just a thought!

I'm especially grateful for Mrs. Careen and the time she takes to invest in our lives...she demonstrates the fruits of the spirit...and is the kind of woman and mother I long to be! If you are reading this, I love each of you and am thankful for the encouragement and support you have given Warren and I as we walk on this journey! 


  1. I love you, Jill. I opened your blog and did not expect this. Wow! It is such a blessing to walk with you through this journey as you become a Mom. You are going to be an amazing mother....you are already an amazing friend. I'm so thankful you are in my life and in our group.

  2. Sweet, sweet Jill - what a blessing you and Warren are to Nate and me! I have learned so much from you - how to be humble and speak only when necessary. It is a gift that you have honed well, and one that I hope to achieve one day (Tell that to my big mouth! :o) I love you!

  3. Jill,
    I am so glad that the Lord brought you into the group when He did. He had a reason for the timing - no doubt! Sunni is right about your humbleness and choosing to speak/your words wisely. YOU are a wise person and I'm so glad to know you! You really are about the cutest and stylish little lady too and you are going to be a GREAT MAMA to the BLESSED child that the Lord brings to y'all! I love you! Shanna

  4. Having met these sweet mothers and invited into a weekend Bible retreat, I give witnessto their spark, their closenessto God and theirencouragment upon your life. Living so far away fromyou sweet Jilly, I am glad there are women of faith who will undergrid you as you go thru this wonderful Egypt trail....full of faith and excpectations.

    I am so glad you have this group of women to fall into. I pray the same for Shana. You are going to be a mother God created for a baby He has already prepared for you and Warren. We love you both! Momma