Thursday, October 14, 2010


4-9 God is higher than anything and anyone,
      outshining everything you can see in the skies.
   Who can compare with God, our God,
      so majestically enthroned,
   Surveying his magnificent
      heavens and earth?
   He picks up the poor from out of the dirt,
      rescues the wretched who've been thrown out with the trash,
   Seats them among the honored guests,
      a place of honor among the brightest and best.
   He gives childless couples a family,
      gives them joy as the parents of children.

Psalm 113:5-9

Tomorrow is of our FIRST adoption interview with our caseworker at Bethany...Maybe I should be more prepared...because honestly I do not know what to expect! Regardless, we are so thankful that we are progressing...and so ready to meet the child God will bless us with raising!

Last weekend was our FIRST visit to Athens, GA for the UT/UGA game...

I'm still not really sure what the deal is with the arch...but we took our picture under it anyway :)

Tailgating with Shaun and Bethany...our sweet friends/trip-roomies

Finally, today was my FIRST time to watch a show about teenage mother...if you know me, you know I'm a reality TV junkie. However, I have never allowed my self to watch shows regarding babies (16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, etc.) because in the past it has just been too hard as I've struggled with anger and disappointment over our infertility. However, as I was flipping channels last night, I saw that there was an episode partly focusing on the first visit between two birth parents and the adoptive parents/ I quickly pressed record!... Lately, I have been thinking alot about what kind of relationship we will have with our birth mother. And, quite honestly, I never thought this show would conjure up so many deep thoughts and emotions, :) but as tears were streaming down my face God continued to clarify several things for me...

1. I desire (if possible) us to have a healthy relationship with our birth parents. The more Warren and I talk about adoption, and the more couples we speak with who have adopted domestically, the more we see the benefit of having an open (or semi-open) adoption. Granted, our birth mother may not want anything to do with us or the child after delivery...and we will respect that. However, with healthy boundaries in place, I would love nothing more than for baby Gorman to know their birth know he/she is loved by so many people...loved so much that someone sacrificed for them...which leads me to...

2.  Adoption is one of the most selfless things a mother can do! I know I will never understand the extent of this act...but I hope to never grow insensitive to the amount of pressure and emotional strain placed on birth parents. What a huge sacrifice they are place the well-being of the child before their own wants and desires. I am praying now for our birth parents...that God will grant them needed wisdom and strength.

Ultimately, my hope is in this...

 He gives childless couples a family,
      gives them joy as the parents of children.


  1. Praying for your tomorrow FIRST! Is this why you tried to reach me by phone today....You will do well tomorrow....just remember what we (your parents) have taught you. Be yourself, honest and keep your focus on Christ. See the Home study person does not know what we already know...the 2 of you are people of integrity. Don't forget to smile....Hugs n love Momma

  2. Praying for this meeting. You both will do fine. You are both going to make fantastic parents. Do you need me to tell them this????
    : )

  3. You look so pretty in your pictures Jill!! Hope today went good!! Text me later and let me know how it went!!! Im not coming home this weekend, but I will most definitely see you next weekend!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. I will be praying for the birth parents, too. I agree adoption is so selfless and so full of love--it is truly a miracle. We are praying for your little miracle!!!

  5. I can't believe I missed this post!! I need a coffee date to hear all about it. I'll text you, love. And hey - I don't want you to forget how selfless the act of adopting is either, missy. You are an ANGEL - to a child who doesn't even know it yet.