Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two more days...

...Until the raffle winner is drawn! Don't forget...only $1 gives you and your family a chance to win a photo session and 20 edited photos on a CD!! You can't beat that right before the holidays. Thank so much to those of you that have already bought raffle tickets in order to help us bring baby Gorman home! The raffle was graciously donated by my sister...and you can check out her website to see some of her work (or look around our she took all of the pictures I have posted of Warren and I on our main page). :)

As promised, here are some more pics of the yard sale...

I love ALL of my beautiful nieces, but especially enjoyed getting some good hugs in from my newest niece :)

The girls wanted to make cookies to sell at the yard sale. I thought it was a precious idea (even though Billie actually made all of the cookies while the girls worked very diligently on their signs)

Our day began to slow down and our piles of "stuff" diminished :)...

 The girls went to check out the newest can't see it, but the man in the red shirt had a dog in a re-usable grocery bag. :)

 I love how the girls take care of each other.

I didn't realize how serious some people are about "yard-saleing" we were setting up at 6AM (in the DARK, might I add) people started rolling in with their flashlights and head flashlights. I mean, not that I'm complaining...I've just never been one to get out of bed early for anything other than work (and even then I push the snooze button as long as possible) :) It was just a whole new experience! We have about 1/4 of our HUGE pile of donations left over and are planning on having another yard sale in a few months...after we recuperate :)


  1. I want to buy a raffle ticket jill!!! Can I give you money on sunday??

  2. Such an awesome sale....b/c God answered exceedingly about what your request was for.

    Lovethe pics of the grands....miss you all so much! Wish we could of been there to help out.
    Can't wait for baby Gorman to arrive...pray for her/him everyday!

    Love n hugs, momma

  3. Sure, Mandy...that would be great! :) I will wait to "draw" until I see you!

    Thanks mom...miss you!!

  4. So glad that your yard sale was such a huge success. The pictures are great!