Sunday, November 7, 2010

break my heart for what breaks yours...

God has been doing a great deal in our heats this week...It all began with a text I received from a dear friend, who is also adopting, wondering if we would be interested in a child of another race their lawyer had contacted them about. Honestly, though Warren and I had discussed different medical and prenatal issues, we had not fully discussed the issue of a child of a different ethnicity. I became uncomfortable...then equated my "uncomfortableness" with lies surrounding my not loving all of God's children equally. If you know me, you know that I am extremely hard on myself and am a very analytical, my mind had a hay day with all of these lies that were swirling around. Thankfully, after coffee with a precious friend, meeting with my Tuesday morning Bible study group, and much prayer I finally had a peace. Precious Leanne (who lead our Tuesday morning Bible study retreat a few weekends ago and was able to attend our group this past Tuesday) reminded me that when a lie rears it's ugly head, a truth is always present...seeking the truth will set our hearts free! The truth is, my heart is for adoption. One year ago, I would have never been able to say this...but, God has filled mine and Warren's heart with a passion for the motherless and fatherless in this world. This is the truth! I was also reminded that Warren and I will be at peace when presented with the child he has for us. It will not be a struggle...When God calls us to something He gives us a joy and a passion about it!!

So, we learned to trust our hearts, we learned our hearts are for adoption, and we learned that whenever we are presented with the child God has for us (no matter the race, the possiblity of medical problems, the possibility of the mother's drug use), we WILL be at peace with it. We are willing and open to whatever race or medical long as it is the child God is preparing for us.

I have seen this video on a few adoption blogs...and wanted to post it here...Warren and I just watched it. I was reminded of the truths God has taught us over the past week. We desire for God to break our hearts for what breaks His...orphans break His heart...and we are willing to love the child He has for matter how "difficult" the circumstance may seem from our human eyes.

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  1. An awesome picture of God's grace and love for Isaiah and this day this too will be your story ....momma