Saturday, November 13, 2010

The small things...

"We can all see God in the exceptional things, but it requires the culture of spiritual discipline to see God in every detail. Never allow that the haphazard is anything less than God's appointed order, and be ready to discover the Divine designs anywhere." Oswald Chambers (November 14)

I am choosing to see God in the small things. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed in life focusing on what's wrong...the "big problems"...or by simply focusing too much on ourselves that we miss out on what God is doing around us. Call me crazy, but I believe God wants to be involved in every little (and big) aspect of our lives...He is always present...but, sometimes we are just too busy or too consumed with ourselves to see Him.

Yesterday morning started out that way for me...I was completely frazzled...we had so much on our "to do" list...and God only knew that I needed a reminder, in the midst of my freaking out, that He was there.

We had physicals scheduled yesterday as part of our home study. I know this is probably "bad," but Warren and I do not have a family doctor...we really just never get sick...therefore, we decided to go to the corporate health center in town for our physicals instead of taking time to establish care with a family doctor. It's a rather large practice...and in it God reminded us once again of His heart for adoption. It all began when the first nurse (who was my age) took me the process of checking my blood pressure, she told me SHE was adopted. This young woman was absolutely precious and shared her story about how thankful she was to be raised by her adoptive parents. We had such an encouraging conversation. During my physical, the doctor was asking questions about our adoption and then told me that HE was adopted as a baby!! At this point, the nurse in the room became teary-eyed and said, "I had hoped he was going to tell you that!" If those two stories were not enough, when Warren and I got in the car he told me that the physician that did his physical (different from mine) had adopted THEIR second child and shared with Warren some of their story...I had to go back later yesterday for my TB test and a nurse that I had not met earlier (who was probably in her late 40's) shared with me her story of infertility and of adopting HER child...My eyes began tearing up as she shared with me her journey and the joy it has been to raise her daughter. 

It was so encouraging to hear these stories and meet these four individuals yesterday...all of whose lives have been changed  for the better by adoption one way or the other. God showed up to me in the lives of these strangers...and reminded me, again, that adoption is exactly what He wants us to be doing! God has a way of getting a child into the right family. Ultimately, these children are His...and Warren and I will be blessed to have the opportunity...for just a few invest in God's child...

Thank you, God, for allowing us to be encouraged by seeing you the small things...and in the midst of my frazzled mind!

Just a little update...we have finished our self-studies for the home study (whew!!) and we have completed and sent off the majority of our paperwork. Our physicals and drug screens our complete and our second set of fingerprints will be done next week! Now, we have to work on our adoption training classes and making our profile book... :) 


  1. "God is great! Feeds us chocolate cake." I know this came from Bill Cosby but it fits here in your post. God is so good to us He delights in giving us chocolate cake (or any other palet desire we may have) But just like chocolate cake, we as your parents, only allowed youto eat it on Christmas morning. Because to many b'fast's of it would not be special enough on Jesus' birthday. God wants us to feel special and appreciate those moments, when He knows we are frazzled, that He delights in us! He loves us.
    This is such a cool testimony! You need to sendeach person there a card thanking them for thier encouragement.

    Keep hanging onto God's belt as you walk thru this journey. I know it is going to change you and Warren for life! How awesome is that.

    Momma and Mom2

  2. Jill, this is amazing. I love how God constantly provides reminders of His will for your life.
    Melissa ONeal

  3. What a testimony! Thursday was one of those times for me in the provision for some much needed hearing aids for my son. God is so good and brings us to just the right people at just the right time!

  4. It's awesome how God can show us those examples when we don't expect it. Doesn't it feel great to check those things off of "the list"? You're almost there!