Thursday, January 6, 2011


Words cannot begin to express how much joy I feel! My heart overflows right now looking back at how our lives, mindsets, hearts, and goals have changed over the past year. This time last year, adoption was the farthest thing from our thoughts. I honestly can't say I was one of those women who always had a longing to adopt. With us, the desire and "call" (for lack of a better word) grew over time as we began truly seeking how God wanted us to grow our family. I do not regret any of the pain or tears shed over our these trials have been used to strengthen our marriage, our character, and our faith.

Our home evaluation was the week before Christmas and it went great!! Warren was a little flustered over how hard we worked cleaning and organizing our home from top to bottom and how little our caseworker paid attention to every nook and cranny. :) I feel we were able to better connect with our caseworker...which is something I had been praying for. So...on January 17, 2011 our home study should be finalized and we will be ready to be viewed by potential birth parents!!! Over the Christmas break my dad helped us make a video that we will post on Bethany's website where birth parent's from around the country can view our profile summary. This weekend, Warren and I will be working on our adoption profile book...and, then we will have nothing left to do but wait on God to bring our family together!

I know I have said this before, but I have been completely blown away at how God has had his hand on every step of our journey. From us feeling led to adopt in August 2010, to us having a peace with using Bethany as our adoption agency in September, to having 2/3 of our financial goal raised/saved by November, to our home study being complete in just a few short days...His hand has been in it all. At times, like any normal person I suppose, I have questioned if this is what God really wants us to do...and then I am reminded (by looking back at all He has done to prepare our way) the answer is a resounding YES!!

I don't know how long it will take before we have a child in our arms...but, God does...and we will continue to trust Him timing and plan. There is a reason...and he has a child that He wants us to love at a very specific time. ...Wow...all of a sudden I became completely overwhelmed (in a good way--not a "having a panic attack way"kind of way) of what a truly great honor and responsibility it will be to raise the child (or children) God has planned and picked out specifically for us!

Speaking of timing, I do not know this couple personally, but I have been following their blog as they have also been pursuing domestic adoption through Bethany. Richard and Brantley got a call only approximately four short days before their baby was born. Can you imagine??!! Only having a four day advanced notice that your baby was coming home! I shed tears as a read their most recent post! What joy!

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for our birth parents and the incredible and selfless decision they may have to make. And, until we get our call, Warren and I will continue to seek contentment, enjoy this life He has given us, and rest in His plan that is WAY bigger than anything we could ever think of or imagine!


  1. prayin the same wonderful that this mother will give the most wonderful gift to her child...just like God gave to us w/Christ on the cross...unselfish, undying love. Whoever she may be, I pray God will direct her path to your profile. I pray she will know w/out a doubt that you and Warren are the right parents for her child...a child she loves. I can't wait to hear the story of how you meet her and how God prepares her heart. Love you both!

  2. Hi Jill! I'm excited to follow your journey this year! We had 13 hours notice when we brought home our baby girl so be ready for anything :-) You never know but you're right... God does. His plan always proves to be better than my own... and mine's pretty darn good, if you ask me ;-)


  3. Lindsay...Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine having only thirteen hours...but, it makes me think that we better get our nursery put together very soon! I look forward to following your journey as well!

    Mom...thank you for your never ending encouragement and prayers! :)

  4. 13 hrs..I guess we will have enough time to get there...congrats to you Lindsay...