Friday, September 17, 2010


...forward in faith, we have decided to put in our application with another agency. Since Monday, we had been praying that one of the following would happen:

a) God would quickly provide another couple to join us in our adoption training
b) God would work on the caseworkers heart to be open to having training with only us
c) God would give us a peace about traveling to Atlanta once a week for six weeks on Tuesday nights
d) God would give us a peace about moving on with another agency or organization

Through much prayer and various phone conversations, we feel like option "d" was the best decision for us. While Warren and I understand that, with agency, the process is going to be long...we feel like with another agency there may not be as many barriers. Isn't it amazing that when God gives you a peace about something, and when He is in the middle of it, things just fall right into place? It took us a good week to even begin working on our formal application for the first agency we were pursuing. But, when we felt a peace about going another direction, we completed the other agency's application in a couple of hours!! Our "new" agency (pending approval) is probably about $10,000 more than the one we were pursing originally...which is why I initially had not wanted to apply with them. Now I'm wondering if it was my lack of trust in God to provide that made me cross them off my list?!

Unfortunately every time I think about the cost of adoption, I feel a tightness in my throat and anxiety begins welling up within me. But, could this be yet another way God is going to teach me to let go and trust Him to work in ways I would never think possible?? A friend (and fellow camp counselor in college) I had lost touch with, recently posted on my facebook and shared a verse she claimed during their adoption journey...

"For with God, nothing will be impossible." Luke 1:37

...I love that. Warren and I cannot make any of this happen on our own. Only God can put together all of the pieces of this puzzle...and He will!


  1. Yes, it is possible...yes, it will be difficult...yes, it is expensive...and YES God CAN!

    Remember the story of ONE war in the OT where God told the Israelites to take their army down to 300 men...and then He overtook the massive army! Why? B/C He wanted to show the Israelites that HE WAS IN CONTROL! another example of perfect peace.

    It could be that your child, the one God has for you and Warren to parent will be from the new adoption center. Just like EG coming to our family...she was born exactally at the right time to walk into Shana n Bill's arms.

    Love how you and Warren will be walking thru trust over the next months. Thanks for sharing this journey with others. We love you both (and Marley)

    Joy....Mom n Dad

  2. We continue to pray for you and Warren. I know how you want to be on the other end of this journey, and you will!!!! We will pray you through it.

    We love you so much,
    Jer 29:11 -13
    Debbie and Robert