Monday, September 27, 2010


Taking a little break from the adoption journey...we were able to spend a wonderful weekend with some great friends. Warren's birthday was yesterday and he was surprised times three as everyone came in at different points of the weekend! It all began Friday night...with Russ, Amy, Anna Claire, and Riley...

While I do no have the adequate time nor space to share the exact details of how Russ "surprised" Warren , I will say that it involved a loud knock, me being "held hostage" by Russ...

(reenactment) :)

...and a visit from the county sheriff (our neighbors thought Russ was a "prowler" b/c he was snooping around the house trying to get inside to scare Warren). But, rest assured no one was hurt and no one was in trouble with the law...just a simple prank gone array! :)

The next day...Hoosh and Leanne (our "unofficial" photographer) surprised Warren...

...and we spent the rest of the day watching football...

...playing with the Anna Claire, Riley, and Marley...

and eating...

Later that night, Jenn came!!

Warren took a vacation day and the boys played golf the next morning...

 and then we had brunch...

It was such a blessing that our precious friends took time out of their busy lives to help surprise Warren for his birthday. What a wonderful, refreshing weekend...


...and Marley was pooped :)

Being with Russ and Amy's babies this weekend just made my heart long even more for children! At one point, Warren fell asleep with Riley (the baby) on his was such a precious moment (that I, unsuccessfully, tried to capture on camera)...I know he is going to be such an amazing father!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a good weekend! Your story about the neighbors thinking Russ was a prowler and calling the police is so funny! I can't believe that! Great pictures!

  2. well this will be my 8th time trying to send a comment...maybe it will work.

    So glad the weekend was a huge success...Warren really has a treasure in you. But it is no surprise that Warren will be a good daddy b/c of the way he interacts with the neices....and you have always been nurturing ang caring and full of a good momma you will be as well.

    So hapy that his 30th bday was filled with tons of surprises and golf! Love you both...Dad n Mom (2)
    (give Marley-girl a hug from me)

  3. jill, you look so tiny and cute in those pictures!! I want to come raid your closet! :)

  4. I am excited to see your kitchen!! I would love to have this picture 9or one of the kitchen if you don't want to be in it :)

    Happy late bday Warren!!


  5. So, I'm new to blogging, and I don't know if you are supposed to post comments in response...but, here goes... :)
    Thanks ladies! We had such a fun weekend!

    Allison-I can't wait to reenact the whole makes me laugh out loud when I think about it even now!!

    Mom-I love you! :)

    Mandy-you can raid my closet anytime! We need to have a clothes swap! :)

    Karyn-I will take some pics of the kitchen and email them to you...I love, love, LOVE it...thank you for all of your help!!

  6. I love you both! Glad the birthday was a success! I think Marley and Zeke are going to be friends because they are twins!