Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Alone...

Though we have only recently (in the past month and a half) started this journey, it has been so encouraging to know that we are not alone! Even in the past few weeks, I have been blessed with God bringing individuals across my path (those I had lost touch with as well as “friends of friends”) that have went through the process of infertility, those that have adopted children due to infertility, and those that have chosen to adopt first. I feel like (if it is possible) Warren and I fit into all three  of the above categories. At the beginning of our battle with “unexplained infertility” …which, by the way, I think God has a perfect explanation for…we saw adoption as a means to an end—a way to enlarge our family if nothing else was successful. But, God changed our hearts and we began to view adoption as our first priority…as the way God meant for our family to begin.
A wonderful book was recommended to me at the beginning of our infertility process two years ago…and has been such an encouragement!

I also have visited this website several times….which provides Christian based support for women undergoing infertility, pregnancy loss, early infant death, and adoption loss. There is also a forum you can join where you are put in instant contact with women all over the nation who are undergoing infertility or the loss of a child.
Sometimes, In the midst of my job (as I’m often surrounded by unwed teenage mothers that face unplanned pregnancies), it is encouraging to know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women going through the same thing and desiring to glorify God in the midst of the heartache.
But, you know what? In reference to my first post…we all have trials…Mine may be different from yours, but I believe often we are all learning similar lessons of faith, trust, letting go of control over “our lives,” and realizing that God works EVERYTHING out for His good!
…Currently, as we fill out several other applications, Warren and I are in the middle of making decisions that feel slightly awkward. Do we choose to have a boy or a girl, or leave it open to whatever God provides? What about a child with special needs…Can we really say that we will absolutely NOT accept a child with a physical or mental handicap? …and the list goes on! How in the world do we make these decisions, most of which we would have no control over if the child was ours biologically?! We need prayer that we will listen, have peace, and be open to whatever God has for us! All the while, we are thankful that we are not alone on this journey…we have our heavenly Father who has provided us with a peace that words do not adequately described, we have a wonderful family, amazing friends, and have received wisdom from individuals that have been where we want to be…with a child to love in their arms!


  1. YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! I am crying, just rejoicing in the Lord's work! I KNEW it! I just knew God had adoption in your heart (regardless of if biological children are in your future or not). I cannot wait to follow you on this journey. Smiling, smiling, smiling!! Love you both!!

  2. So excited for you guys. I am sorry you had to go through the whole infertility journey. That is so painful. I can't wait to meet the little person God has in store for you.

    Love you guys,
    Kristin Parrott

  3. Oh how we love you both. Oh how we will love this child God has ALREADY ordained to be yours!

    We are in constant prayer over you as "parents to be", just like we were over Shana and Billie.

    Keep your focus on God and delight in what He will bring into your lives. I'M SO EXCITED, I just can't hide it, I'm about to loose control and I think I like it!"
    (Can you hear me singing)

    Joy, Momma

  4. Praying, praying, praying! I know God will instill in you all the right choices because you have given it to Him and He is leading this whole show. I'm not sure there are any wrong choices here. This is a God thing where He will be praised no matter what.
    Love you,

  5. LOVE the blog!! excited to walk with y'all during this journey. I know that the Lord already knows right now who your child will be. It is all part of His perfect plan, and it will be amazing to watch it unfold...and to watch you both as parents. Love you!