Monday, February 28, 2011

Encouraging Word and Preparation

I can't say enough regarding how blessed we have been by our family and friends listening to us, encouraging us, and supporting us during the past couple of weeks. This morning, I was sent the verse below by the wise and encouraging woman who leads myself and this group of amazing ladies (and "super-moms," might I add) on Tuesday mornings.

Psalm 94:17-19
"Unless the Lord had helped me, I would have soon died. I cried out, 'I'm slipping!' and your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me. When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer."

What a perfect description of all God has done in the past week!!

We have been healed, refreshed, and we stand waiting patiently on God to fulfill His plan for our family! Which means it's time to prepare the nursery!! I will have to say, it stressed me out just a little that we only had a few weeks to prepare a nursery. I'm a sale shopper and it usually takes me a long time to find what I want at the price I want. However, now that we really don't know how long we have, I most definitely feel the need to prepare a space for our little blessing. So... this is the bedding I ordered:

And this is what the floors (*fingers crossed*) will look like:

(loving this room w/ the white washed flooring!)

And, below are our paint options for the bottom half of the wall (the top half will be white). I'm leaning more towards the light gray and Warren prefers the darker gray (neither of us like the dark khaki color). I'm thinking about asking my mom to paint (yes, my little creative mother, this is a formal invitation) :) our little one's initials on this antique cabinet door and then hang it over the crib. 

It's so nice to feel's wonderful to (*finally*) be free to plan for the gift God is preparing...the gift of laughter down the halls, many sleepless nights (I'm sure), and sweet prayers before bed!


  1. I love excited to see what God has in store for your family :)

  2. Love you sweet friend and I'm so happy to hear y'all are doing better! Since I like to help you decorate your house haha...I'm going to have to say the light gray. I'm so excited to see the final product and the little blessing that will have this beautiful room and beautiful parents!

  3. That verse blessed my heart! Thanks so much for sharing that w/ us! Your story has captured my heart & my prayers! <3

  4. How beautiful! And what an encouragement you are to me.

  5. I love it all! So glad to read your post today and see how God is working through you! He has something great in store for you guys!

  6. Tears of joy,some tears of sorrow-past but mostly tears of UNMEASURABLE JOY! I knew God would bring you and Warren thru this storm.....I praised God for what He was going to show you both.... He is our strength and our refuge! And I knew He would receive the VICTORY! PTL!

    I love the light gray (sorry Warren) and I count it a PRIVILEGE to paint for my grandbaby's room! So I accept your invite, although I may disagree on the creative part. Nonetheless, how joyfilled my heart is to know that you are forging ahead, trusting God and being joyful about the child who will be in that room, all the sleepless, frustrating nites. All the throw-ups and tooth fairy days to come. All the Easters and Christmas and 4th of July's. Every scrapped knee and stubbed toe. Every picture that will be taken of a life legacy! WOW... I'll stop now! I am just excited to be apart of all of you both, momma and mom2